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Kadhi with pakoda by Supritee
December 2, 2017 95 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

The perfect dish to serve for a Holiday lunch...... Methi pakodas dunked for a few seconds in milk and then immersed in the curd kadhi......This process of soaking them in milk makes them softer and more succulent and reduces the sharpness of the curd based kadhi..... and this is a twist.... Ingredi...

Gobhi Makhani by Supritee
December 1, 2017 242 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

Gobhi makhani served with a twist.... ..... A true winter Sunday special.... Here the the gobhi is roasted and is then dunked into a flavorful... spicy... velvety orange makhani gravy of onions and tomatoes.....All this deliciousness is then wrapped in an easy and quick thin wraps made with besan fo...

Aloo Methi Vegetable by Supritee
December 1, 2017 151 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

Many people are really fond of methi because of its many health benefits......its always recommended to include healthy greens like methi, kale, spinach or palak or rajgira in the diet. I also know many people who don’t like methi because of its bitter taste.... . however, the bitter taste in methi ...

Rice by Supritee
November 18, 2017 22 Views Everything Else Maharashtra, Pune

The food that we need to bring back on our plate immediately in all its glory and without any fear, is rice....... isn't it the first food that is introduced to us as a child.... Rice is the easiest thing to digest and other than carbs (which essentially puts us off rice) it also contains essent...

Huggi..... an udipi style khichdi By Supritee
November 18, 2017 180 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

Huggi is the traditional khichdi that is eaten in Karnataka. The huggi resembles khichdi made of rice and moong dal, to which coconut, green chillies and other Indian spices sautéed in ghee is added. It is prepared during the Sri Krishna Mutt Festival that is celebrated in parts of Udupi. Huggi is b...

Kheer by Supritee
November 18, 2017 82 Views Dessert Maharashtra, Pune

Kheer.... Ingredients :- 1 ltr milk, full cream.... 1/4 cup sama ke chawal, washed... 1/2 cup sugar... 10-12 kishmish..... 4 chhoti elaichi......1 0-12 almonds..... blanched and shredded.... Preparations: - Put rice and milk in a deep pan and bring to boil.....Simmer over low heat.... stirring a few...

Kara Pongal-----Khichdi of Tamilnadu by Supritee
November 18, 2017 161 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

The Kara Pongal or Ven Pongal is the popular khichdi of Tamil Nadu.... This appetizing dish is traditionally prepared during the Pongal festival or harvest festival in southern India especially Tamil Nadu.... .Pongal in Tamil actually means something that is overflowing or spilling over..... This di...

Barley Khichdi by Supritee
November 13, 2017 465 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

Ever thought of making a khichdi with barley?.... Try it once, and you will want to keep repeating this masterpiece in your kitchen. Made of barley and a horde of veggies, this tasty dish is colourful and attractive...... An exotic combination of veggies gives it a nice juicy crunch.....while everyd...

Rajasthani Khichada by Supritee
November 13, 2017 392 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

KHICHDA FOR THIS SEASON....... This is again a traditional Rajasthani recipe from my grandmother kitchen...... It is an excellent source of protein, iron, folic acid and Fibre.... . Its creamy consistency and mild flavours make it a good recipe to have especially in the preconception period and firs...

Usal-Misal by Supritee
November 10, 2017 116 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Pune

Specially on Sundays ........when the whole family is together especially Kiddos around....!!!... So dear all we go today to make the tastiest of all..... A much-loved curry from Marathwada ......straight from my kitchen..... N that's a fiery mix of potatoes, (u cn make a milder ...