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  • User Description: The next best thing to eat food, is talking about it and sharing the tips and secrets of how to prepare such recipes without any failure. It is our belief that we should spend most of our quality time for good things in life and certainly food, family, friends are part and parcel of good and fun loving life. We encourage all to use their skills and convert their brain storming ideas in to recipes which are healthy, nutritious and full filling cooking needs. The aim is to keep up the quality and yet surprise and delight you with meals without complicating the things and to make you all confident about cooking. So we like you all to be very active participant on our website. Tell us about what you think, always waiting for your feedback, constructive ideas and comments. Do try the recipes posted and don't forget to share your experience. Easily find recipes for quick dinners, party foods, healthy recipes, and more. We’ll provide inspiration and solutions for your everyday food and cooking needs.

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Food Connection --- पालक पत्ता चाट | Crispy Palak Patta Chaat | Tea Time Snack Recipe | Crispy Fritt
October 18, 2018 169 Views Snacks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : In India there are a variety of chaats. Palak Patta Chaat is very tasty, crispy, and super quick recipe. This is crispy, sweet and tangy in taste. In one bite our mouth is filled with lots of flavors, which feels incredible. This rainy season do try this chaat recipe at home and enjoy ...

Food Connection --- ढाबा स्टाइल अमृतसरी आलू कुलचा | Aloo Kulcha Recipe | No Yeast Kulcha
October 18, 2018 69 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : Amritsari Aloo Kulcha is a famous food of Punjab. It is a grilled stuffed indian bread which is cripsy, spicy and full of flavours. This is an authentic punjabi kulcha recipe which is a famous punjabi dhaba and street food. I am a big fan of Punjabi Veg food and I love to share an easy...

Food Connection --- भरली वांगी | भरवाँ बैंगन | Stuffed Baingan | Maharashtrian Style | Eggplant Curr
October 18, 2018 95 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : Bharwa Baingan, Stuffed baingan, Bharli vangi is the traditional and authentic recipe. This recipe is spicy and delicious. Today we are demonstrating a video showing village style bharwa baingan in very few and simple steps for all from beginners to professionals. Enjoy this spicy brin...

Food Connection --- चटपटे करारे चवली पालक वड़े~Crispy Lobiya Spinach Vade Recipe
October 18, 2018 113 Views Snacks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Ingredients : 2 cups chawli soaked for 3-4 hours (black eye beans, Lobiya) 2 cups finally chopped spinach 15-20 curry leaves, 8-10 cloves garlic, 3-4 green chill, 1 inch ginger 1 cup finally chopped onion, 1/2 cup fresh coriander powder 1/4 cup rice flour 1/4 cup gram flour 1/2 tsp carom seeds 1 tsp...

Food Connection --- खमंग पूरण पोळी | Puran Poli | गुब्बारे जैसी पूरण पोली बनाने की सरल विधि
October 18, 2018 227 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : Puran Poli is one of the famous sweet flat bread recipe of Maharashtra, India. It is prepared on festivals. These can be enjoy with curd, ghee or katachi amti. Do try this authentic puran poli recipe and enjoy the festive days. Ingredients : For dough: 2 cups wheat flour (genhu ka aata...

Food Connection -- आटे की खस्ता अचारी निमकी, मठरी, नमक पारा | Crispy Masala Mathri | Nimki | Namakpa
June 19, 2018 374 Views Snacks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : -Mathris are very crispy and mouthwatering tea time snack. Everyone love to eat namakpare. Today I am going to show a video on achaari mathri which is the best use of leftover achaari masala. These are very crispy and easy to make and healthy too because they are prepared with organic ...

Food Connection -- आलू मसाला पूरी | Aloo Puri | Potato Poori Recipe | Kids Lunch Box Recipe
June 19, 2018 656 Views Vegetarian Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : - Aloo puri is a quick and easy breakfast recipe. This is prepared with wheat flour and boiled potato and Indian spices which makes it delicious and healthy. Potato pooris are perfect for kids lunch box and office lunch box. Ingredients : - 1+1/2 Cup Wheat flour 2 medium sized boiled p...

Food Connection -- Rava Suji Semolina Mango Cooker Cake| Soft Cake |आम सूजी कुकर केक
June 12, 2018 751 Views Dessert Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : - Eggless Rava Mango Cake is a perfect cake recipe for summers. It will loved by all mango lovers. This cake recipe is very easy to make, quick and very simple ingredients used. The best part of the recipe is, it is baked in a pressure cooker without oven recipe, which is perfect for a...

Food Connection -- Ramzan Ramadan Iftar Special Pakora Recipe | खजूर पनीर पकौड़े |तीखे-मीठे पकौड़े
June 12, 2018 459 Views Snacks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : - Fritters, pakoras are most favorite tea time snack. Today I am given a short recipe of innovative paneer stuffed date fritters. These are spicy and sweet in taste. They can be prepare in few minutes with less ingredients which are always available in our kitchen pantry. These are per...

Food Connection -- कुरकुरे ईरानी समोसा | Onion Samosa | Irani Samosa | Hyderabadi Onion Samosa
June 12, 2018 364 Views Snacks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : - Irani samosas are very crispy, delicious, and easy to make. These are filled with raw vegetables and spices. Onion samosas are prepared with thin samosa patti, sheets which are also very easy to make at home. Try these Hyderabadi samosa at home and enjoy the rainy and cold days with ...