Smoothie Detox diet drinks
November 26, 2017 Drinks 147 Views , London

Help loose weight and remove toxins from your body. It helps reduce pain,inflammation, boost energy & make skin vibrant and glowing

Buy Organic Green Tea Online @Best Price in India
January 21, 2017 Drinks 122 Views Haryana, Faridabad

Buy organic green tea online in India, It is of 100% long leaf tea and infusions that are natural, This tea has been grown using only nature's extracted. If you really want to take care of your health contact us online for your daily requirement. We will assist you within a day, Learn how to mak...

Tandoori Chai
December 8, 2018 9 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Palghar

When every one thought that there is nothing left to innovate in preparation of tea, Tandoori tea has caught tea lovers imagination by leap and bounds. A hot and oozing tea from heated earthly cups is delight to watch.....and it taste awesome. Served in kulhads....it just adds that extra zing.....

Blue Exotic Tea ---  The Tea Cottage
December 6, 2018 3 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Palghar

Blue Exotic Tea --- The Tea Cottage

Kulhad Chai ---- The Tea Cottage
December 6, 2018 4 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Palghar

Kulhad Chai ---- The Tea Cottage

Meenu's Cookbook --- Gulkand Papaya Shake, Papaya Shake
June 17, 2018 49 Views Drinks Haryana, Gurgaon

Ingredients :- 1 Bowl papaya 10-12 Kishmish 5-6 Cashew nuts 1 tbsp Gulkand 4 tbsp sugar 10-12 pista 1 Glass Chilled milk Vanilla ice cream Ice cubes Preparations :- Add papaya to blender jar Add cashew nuts Add pista Add kishmish Add sugar Add Gulkand Add 2 tbsp of ice cream Add ice cubes Add chille...

Meenu's Cookbook --- Chocolatty Bourbon Milk Shake
June 10, 2018 235 Views Drinks Haryana, Gurgaon

Ingredients :- 1 Glass chilled milk 2 spoon sugar 6-7 Bourbon biscuits Hershey's chocolate syrup 2 scoop vanilla ice cream Preparations :- Take chilled milk in mixer container Add sugar Add 4 biscuits 2 spoon chocolate syrup Add vanilla ice cream Blend it Rinse the glass with choco syrup and put...

Meenu's Cookbook --- Mango and Butterscotch Smoothie
May 31, 2018 42 Views Drinks Haryana, Gurgaon

Ingredients :- 1 Chopped chilled mango Butter Scotch ice cream 4-5 tsp sugar 1/2 Cup chilled milk Sliced Pista Ice Cubes Procedure :- Add mango in blender jar Add sugar Add 2 scoop of butter scotch ice cream Add Chilled milk Blend well until smooth Garnish it with butterscotch scoop and sliced pista

Rekha Kitchen --- Amritsari Lassi | Punjabi Lassi | Summer Drink
May 27, 2018 51 Views Drinks Uttar Pradesh, Noida

Ingredients : - 1/2 Bowl curd 2 tsp sugar 1/4 bowl water 1 tsp malai Ice Cubes How to make: - Please follow video and enjoi Amritsari Lassi this summer

Food Connection --  चुटकी में बनाये एनर्जी ड्रिंक्स,बच्चो-बड़ो सबको भाये, गर्मी को भगाये | Easy Shar
May 27, 2018 133 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : - In summers we love to stay cool and refreshing and we love to remain cool by making instant energising drinks. Today I am going to show an easy, innovative and quick recipe for instant drinks which can be prepared in minutes and can be stored for 2-3 months. These drinks are fresh, h...

Food Connection --  दो आम से दो लीटर फ्रूटी Mango Frooty |100 % Natural Homemade Mango  Frooty
May 27, 2018 44 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description : -The king of fruits Mango is liked by all. In summers we love to eat mango. Variety food and drink items can be prepared using as one of the main ingredient as mango only. We can eat or drink mango recipes in lot of ways. Kids especially loves to dink mango fruity frooty in summers. To...

Rekha Kitchen ---  Paan Shake Summer | Special Drink
April 11, 2018 130 Views Drinks Uttar Pradesh, Noida

Description : - Paan chewing , a tradition followed widely in north and eastern state of India after meals has been centuries old tradition. But how about drinking it....Follow this recipe and literally drink Paan...shake...:) Ingredients : - 1.5 Glass Milk (full cream) 2 Paan Sugar 1 tsp Gulkand Tu...

Rekha Kitchen ---  Aam Panna --- Summer Special Drink
April 11, 2018 99 Views Drinks Uttar Pradesh, Noida

Description : - Aam panna is an Indian drink renowned for its heat-resistant properties. It is made from green mangoes and is yellow to very light green in color, and is consumed as a tasty and healthy beverage to fight against the intense Indian summer heat. In most instances, mint leaves are added...

Food Connection --  Piyush Cold Drink | महाराष्ट्र का प्रसिद्ध पियूष | Summer Special Drink
March 27, 2018 337 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Description :- iyush is a popular Maharashtraian beverage which is a combination of shri khand and milk. Piyush is very smooth and creamy beverage and mixing of these two wonderful things in a balanced with way will result into an exotic drink. And the taste can be enhanced by adding a shade of Saff...

Rasoi Special --- Cool Cool Holi Special Thandai Instant Recipe
March 10, 2018 36 Views Drinks United Kingdom, London

Ingredients : - Tandai is a mocktail which generally been taken around Holi, it’s a summer drink, it’s so healthy and good tonic. In summer it boost your energy. All age groups like this drink. Please like share and subscribe my channel Rasoi Special Thank you everyone for your love. 100 gm Almonds ...

Food Connection -- Homemade Summer Drinks | Summer Coolers | Innovative Recipes Welcome Drink
March 3, 2018 81 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Ingredients : - Homemade summer drinks are perfect to beat the heat in summers. These are innovative, healthy, refreshing and perfect as a welcome drink in the parties. For Kokum drink (Malabar Tamarind) 1/4 Cup kokum syrup, 1tsp jaljeera powder, 1/4tsp black salt, 1tbsp powdered sugar, 100ml sparkl...

Food Connection ---- Shahi Gulab Rabdi Falooda | Royal Rose Falooda With Homemade Falooda Sev
February 26, 2018 62 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Ingredients : - Royal Rose Falooda is a good way to get rid of summer heat. It is loaded with cashew nuts, khus jelly, rose syrup, basil seeds and ice-cream. You can make this for your loved ones and enjoy with them. Recipe for Falooda 7-8 Vanilla Ice Cream Scoops 1 Cup Whole Milk 1/4 Cup Chopped Ca...

Food Connection ---- Kesariya Malai Doodh | Masala Milk | Saffron flavored Milk | Kadai doodh
February 26, 2018 178 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Ingredients : - Kesariya malai doodh and Masala milk is the most favorite stall in marriages and parties in winter time. This rich saffron flavoured milk is accompanied with hot and crispy jalebi. Many people crave for this tasty and lovely combo. So try at home with this recipe and enjoy the winter...

Food Connection ---- Smoothie | Fresh Fruit Smoothies | Easy Way Of Making Smoothies
February 26, 2018 138 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Ingredients : - Fresh fruit smoothies are good and healthy source for beat the heat. They are easy to make, delicious, refreshing and healthy too. This is the best way to make kids eat fruits. For Kiwi Smoothie :- 1/2 Cup chopped kiwi, 2 Scoop vanilla ice cream, 4 ice cubes, 1 tbsp powdered sugar, 1...

Food Connection ---- Mango Falooda | Pune Famous Mango Mastani | Fruit Falooda
February 26, 2018 322 Views Drinks Maharashtra, Mumbai

Ingredients : - Presenting here mango falooda relished by all the foodies. It is a season desert which can be made easily at home. It will give divine pleasure to your sweet tooth. 1Cup Whole Milk 5-6 Vanilla Ice-cream Scoops 1/2 Cup Mango Chunks 1/2 Cup Soaked Chia Seeds (sabza/basil seeds) 1/2 Cup...