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Corporate And Commercial Lawyers in Delhi
December 4, 2018 Legal - Finance - Taxations 41 Views Delhi, New Delhi

The experienced and legal expertise is one of the best corporate and commercial lawyers in Delhi helps the client obtain the best and most effective legal assistance in all aspects of the corporate and business world. The lawyer goes under the skin and finds the effective and simple solution. The le...

Senior Manager
February 7, 2017 Legal - Finance - Taxations 67 Views , Mumbai

We can help Startups by providing end to end solutions like- - Forming a company, -Managing it , -Do proper tax Planning -Help in raising funds , -To Protect Founders Interest through various Agreements, Trademarks etc !!!

What is GSTR 11?
August 8, 2019 0 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, Delhi

What is GSTR 11? Form GSTR-11 is the form of return to be furnished by the individuals who have been assigned (UIN) a Unique Identity Number, to receive refunds under GST, for all the goods and services obtained by them in India. Explore more information at Finacbooks?

How to Apply for PAN Card?
July 31, 2019 2 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, PAN Card

Many people ask a question that how to apply for PAN Card? Here you need to know before applying for the PAN Card. There are two options available applying for the PAN Cards online or offline by filling the application form. Read more on Finacbooks.

Gen CMA/EMI Software
2000.00 INR

Gen CMA/EMI Software

July 19, 2019 9 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Rajasthan, Jaipur

Credit Monitoring Arrangements (CMA) report is the preparation of a complete loan approval report as per the Tandon and Nair Committee compliance making it easy for you to avail loan hassle-free. The report can be prepared on 2 bases i.e. percentage and ratio basis. After the loan availment, there i...

MSME registration
1300.00 INR

MSME registration

July 18, 2019 5 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, New Delhi

MSME represents to micro, small and medium enterprises and any enterprises that fall under any of these three classes.

Gen Desktop Payroll Software
July 18, 2019 6 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Rajasthan, Jaipur

Gen Payroll offers payroll processing more accessible and hassle-free for the HR managers. Gen Payroll carries a thrust and begins with beneficial payroll features like salary preparation & calculation, automatic report generation, leave records & updating, PF & ESI calculation. Gen Desk...

gstr 7a meaning
July 17, 2019 2 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, Delhi

GSTR 7A is a monthly return that has to be filed by an individual's regarding tax subtracted at the source. The taxpayer is needed to file the return and has to give the detail of the amount of TDS in his return. GSTR 7A is determined to use for TDS Return. The GSTR 7A includes supporting inform...

Gen BAL: Balance Sheet Software
July 17, 2019 26 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Rajasthan, Jaipur

Gen BAL is a significant software solution for all the tax professionals who are looking for a tool to prepare profit and loss statement for the balance sheet. Also, it helps in trial balance import from other third-party software. Apart from this, Gen BAL also helps in automatically generating a ba...

Gen Online Payroll Software
July 17, 2019 31 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Rajasthan, Jaipur

Gen Online payroll software is safe to store employees data private. It is achieved by implementing secure commands such as exclusive access codes. Managing rights granted to approved personnel only. Meanwhile, the employees also get a tolerance to login to their payroll form in order to verify thei...

Gen TDS Software
3500.00 INR

Gen TDS Software

July 17, 2019 3 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Rajasthan, Jaipur

Gen TDS is simply the best TDS software available in the market. Its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface makes online TDS/TCS returns filing easier for the taxpayers complying with TRACES and CPC, India guidelines. Gen TDS is a one-stop destination for TDS return filing as it facilitates cu...

Gen GST Software
5000.00 INR

Gen GST Software

July 17, 2019 6 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Rajasthan, Jaipur

Gen GST software is a return filing and billing software for the small business. It helps in return filing of all the business transactions and maintains the database of the business dealings. Also the Gen GST software isn a best way to solve all the tax compliance imposed by the government which is...

Company registration in Navi Mumbai
June 21, 2019 15 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations maharshtra, Navi mumbai

Make my filing is the most recommended income tax consultant in Mumbai. we specialize in professional Pvt Ltd company registration in Mumbai that is focused on your objectives and business goals. Our Company Registration in Mumbai team have the best skills and the latest technology to deliver the be...

Trademark Registration - 1 Hour | QuickCompany
May 30, 2019 17 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, New Delhi

Trademark Registration in India at places like Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities at best price. QuickCompany is an online CA / agent to register trademark.

Top Money Management App
May 22, 2019 6 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, New Delhi

If you require a financial advisor to Timelybills is one of the best money management app to automatically and securely monitor your monthly expenses& pay bills on time. To take control of your financial spends, tracking budget expenses. Keep track of expenditures can be a hard task unless you a...

Detective Agency in Delhi
May 20, 2019 1 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, Delhi

DDS Detective Agency is the Best and Most Trusted Investigation Agency India since its inception. Their trained and skilled team of Private Investigators that have successfully performed, Personal Background Check for clients from all across India. A through investigation process is followed about t...

Conveyance Allowance or Transport Allowance India
May 6, 2019 1 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, New Delhi

Conveyance Allowance or Transport Allowance is offered by the employer to the employee to compensate for their travel expense to and from their residence and workplace. Know More about Conveyance Allowance features, exemption, how to calculate conveyance allowance in India at Finacbooks.

Prominent Detective agency in Delhi
April 18, 2019 7 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, New Delhi

Lady Detective India is the best Detective Agency in Delhi. We are determined for our clients to provide very quick service. We are having the best team of Investigators that deeply go through all proofs and comes up with the best results more than your hope. It Provides Pre matrimonial investigatio...

Prominent Detective agency in Delhi
April 18, 2019 4 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, New Delhi

Spy Detective Agency is the best Detective agency in Delhi. We are having expert Investigators that work 24*7 to dig out the proofs and execution of every investigation is amazing with efficiency. It Provides pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, divorce case proof, Surveill...

Best Personal Finance Apps For Android Phone |
April 17, 2019 6 Views Legal - Finance - Taxations Delhi, Delhi

Tracking budget expenses, creating, monthly budgets, and paying daily bills aren't exactly fun activities, but these tasks can be made easier with Android apps. There are many excellent Android Money manager app that can help us in trust a log of our income and spending. Best mon...